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By ColbertChan | 01 July 2022 | 0 Comments

How to choose the ceiling lights perfectly match your requirement?

Are you experiencing this problem?

Buying a ceiling light in your local shop, but the price is unreasonable. By buying online, you may find yourself falling in love with the look it presents at an affordable price. Then buy it without thinking about it. However, lighting is essential to your home, and you must provide more than just aesthetics. We don't want you to waste your hard-earned money on them if they don't do the right job for you.
Therefore, choosing the right ceiling light must be a strict matter. In this article, I will suggest how to find the ceiling light that perfectly matches your requirements based on our manufacturing experience.


There are a lot of good-looking ceiling lights these days. There are a thousand Hamlets for a thousand people. Choose the look of a ceiling light that suits your use scenario and makes you happy. That's great.


Most ceiling lights are made from the following primary materials:

1. Stainless steel + crystal
A classic combination that gives you a sharp look and an elegant feel. The crystal, which has a high light transmission, gives you the best appearance of light. But crystal is fragile, and there is a risk of parts falling off after a period of use. Some crystal ceiling lights are oddly shaped and can be difficult to clean in everyday life.


2. Metal + acrylic
The medium and most common combination. The sturdy chassis and good light transmission ensure daily use. Even the lowest acrylic ensures the light efficiency and hardness of the lampshade. If you find the right ceiling light, this material will be your best choice, as it has no apparent disadvantages.


3. Metal + ABS
Almost the cheapest material for ceiling lights. The ABS ceiling light has succeeded in capturing the market with its low price and different designs. It is easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colours. The biggest drawback is that the light transmission is not so good. It is the least effective ceiling light for the same power.

(These materials are based on the UK general lighting market summary. The industry also has high-end abs and metal superior to the lowest acrylic + metal. (In most cases, the above criteria are valid.)

Wattage & luminous efficiency (lm/w) & colour temperature

Wattage is an essential part of the lighting effect. Different scenes require different amounts of light. This is a table to show you the wattage needed for various scenarios.
Why do I recommend you for this wattage?
The reason is that when you are in the living room, all you do will be watch tv, mobile, enjoy music, etc. All the light you need is to relax. So you don't need lights as power as Kitchen and Toliet.
In the toilet, you need to be safe. And in the kitchen, you need to work efficiently, so the light requirements will generally be higher.
For the Dining room, you could find what colour light is good for to know the suitable light and colour temperature. We show you this table via our manufacturing database, based on the custom of the UK.
Luminous determines the brightness of the light. At the same Luminous, the light will show the same performance. This means that you need less wattage for the same lamp in a ceiling light.

Colour temperature refers to warm or white light. Typically, it is 3000k (warm light) - 6500k (white light). The lower the temperature, the warmer your light will be. Today, most ceiling lights allow all three sections to be dimmed and can even be adjusted as required.


Before buying a ceiling light, you should know all your requirements so that you can choose the most suitable ceiling light. In addition, you must make sure that the lampshade must be in a similar colour temperature. This will make your home neat and elegant. Lights are the most important thing in our daily lives. They not only provide light for you, but they also light your life.

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