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Basic Qualificaiton Of Our Suppliers

About our suppliers

Morexge has been working for Home&Living(LED Lights, Warmers, Fans, etc.) for over 14 years. Many Manufacture has long-term cooperation with us. And We know how important the quality and qualifications are to the market. We aim to help you start your business or maintain your brand easily. So, every product and OEM/ODM Service we offer obeys these rules:
1. Must be on the list in our Cooperation libraries. (So that we could control it easily and offer you the best price at the same quality)
2. Manufacture has experience in some specific markets. 
3. Manufacture must have passed basic standards (like Rohs, CE, CCC, ISO9001, etc.) and offers high-quality products that can reach these standards.
4. Permitted us to the Production line to have the periodic inspection.
5. Responsible for any non-artificial damages after-sale services.

Example for one of our best partners

 Sample of Basic certification of our suppliers

Why us

Someone may choose the manufacturer directly. But that will be a High MOQ, Dropshipping Unavailable, Unreasonable Shipment Cost, Fake Publicity, etc. All the problems do not exist in the Morexge. Our cooperative partners will tell us the truth based on our long-term cooperation. With the Integration of our powerful supply chain, the price with shipment and the MOQ will be affordable. Undoubtedly, we could provide you with a better price at the same quality.

More Information about suppliers

If you want more information about our suppliers, Contact us at any time. We are glad to answer all the questions you have.
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