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Bespoke Service

Morexge welcome Bespoke  Service Project

Morexge were worked in Home&Living for over 14years. Our Main product is Lights, Fan, Warmer, etc.

We have the capability, R&D aids, and experience to make any Bespoke integration a brilliant success!

Morexge is a powerful company with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into reality.

We work with individuals and our manufacturers at all stages. Provide Not only superior products but also the best service to you.

We provide product development, design and manufacturing. You could just put forward the function, performance, or even a concept.  

We can help you make the idea into reality to save the meaningless development funds and time at your side.

Bespoke Service Flow Chart

  1. Contact Morexge

    Let us know your requirements or ideas which will make your brand unique.

  2. Communication

    We will plan and discuss all the details. Like Packages, Details of products, Qualifications, etc. And also, confirm the price, Lead time and details with you.

  3.  Manufacture

    After discussions, we will arrange product samples and package samples for you.

  4. Confirmed

    Once you confirm the sample, we will arrange the mass to produce.

  5. Received

    We will arrange the shipment via our super-powerful supply chain to lower the shipment cost, and you will receive it quickly.


Why us?


Manufacturing Capacity

All our cooperative Manufactures have passed the RoHS and SGS standards. And all of them are our best partners; we have cooperation over 10+ years. We know how to control all the processes and promise that we can meet all your requirements. Contact us to learn more details; we will never let you down.

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